About SubSearch

The translation seeker

SubSearch is a tool designed for TV shows fansubbers. It allows to quickly finding the translation of a term or an expression among all the previously translated episodes. Once the original and translated file of a show are added to the program, just enter the desired expression and SubSearch finds all the occurrences and displays them in their context side by side with their translation.

Some features

  • Supports SubRip subtitle format
  • Multi-shows
  • Automatic recognition of the numbers and versions of episodes
  • Bulk adding of the files
  • History of searched terms
  • And much more...

Licence & Technology

SubSearch was developped in c# and uses the .NET framework 2.0. Therefore it requieres that the framework 2.0 is installed on your computer.

SubSearch is totally free and contains no limitations. It has no licence attached. The source is not available online but you can mail me if you want to have a look.

Download instructions

SubSearch is published using ClickOnce technology and requires Internet Explorer to be your default browser. However, there is a fix for FireFox users. You first have to install James Dobson's FFClickOnce add-on. It simply allows Firefox to run a .NET ClickOnce application.

Go to the download page and click on the "Install now" button. You will be presented with a simple dialog box asking to confirm installation, after which installation proceeds and the application is launched without further intervention. It will install the prerequisite .NET framework 2.0 if needed. It will also put a short cut on the user's Start menu (all programs/DapSoft/SubSearch) and to the Add/Remove Programs group in the Control Panel. Nothing is added to the Program Files folder, the registry, or the desktop, and no administrative rights are required for installation.


The update of SubSearch is automatic. This is one of the reasons why I've chosen ClickOnce to deploy it. The program will automatically check for a new version every 7 days. If there is one, it will ask for upgrading the next time you launch it.